We're looking forward to this more than Rory likes making pro/con lists!

Stay tuned, we'll share more as soon as we're able! Maybe as soon as next week. Maybe all at once. Maybe a little at a time. But definitely right here. Check back often and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Finally! We're ready to share the schedule of events (minus the times), we promised you! We expect to add a few things over the next week or two and of course we'll add times eventually. But, if it isn't obvious you'll surely have a full schedule and access to plenty of food. The town's restaurants are putting together a food area next to the tent that's a combo of all the things you'd expect from Luke, Sookie and Emily's Friday Night Dinner. 

FRIDAY (9a.m.-9p.m.)
-Check-in at Town Hall (parking in the field only accessible through the Maple Street Extension)
-Screenings in the Tent
-Troubadour sightings
-“Wild”erness Hike (3-4 miles) on the Appalachian Trail (easy/moderate)
-Cake Tasting & Fall Photo Opp at the Gazebo
-Fan Led Script Reading of Premiere with special guests George Bell & Carla McCloskey, moderated by BuzzFeed’s Krystie Yandoli
-Intro to “Stress Tap Dancing” 
-Writing for News with the Yale Daily News
-The Secret Bar Opens
-Songwriting workshop with Louise Goffin
-Eat Like a Gilmore Cooking Segment with Kristi Carlson & Aris Alvarado
-Kent Farmer’s Market featuring local farmers & artisans
-“Gypsy’s Craft Corner” with Rose Abdoo & Friends
-Keiko Agena's Art Show
-Cocktail hour with music by Todd Lowe
-Gilmore Girls Crew Panel Moderated by Woman’s Day Annemarie Conte & Elle’s Gena Kaufman with Carla McClosky, George Bell, Sheila Lawrence, Stan Zimmerman and Valerie Campbell

(Late Night Food & Bar Options)
Kingsley Tavern
Kent Pizza Garden
Fife N Drum Restaurant
Karaoke at Club Getaway (open to all festival attendees)

SATURDAY (9a.m.-9p.m.)
-Edward Herrmann Memorial Race (Gilmore Girls inspired costumes encouraged)
-Costume Contest Judged by Star Herrmann & Attending Cast Members
-Life & Death Brigade Panel with Tanc and Alan, moderated by BuzzFeed’s Krystie Yandoli
-Kent Farmer’s Market featuring local farmers & artisans
-Knit-a-thon (yarn provided by Red Heart) with Screenings (Town Hall)
-Stan Zimmerman’s “The Coffee Monologues” with Aris Alvarado, Sam Pancake, George Bell and Stan
-Dessert Sushi contest with Mike Gandolfi & Woman's Day Magazine
-“Writing for TV” with Sheila Lawrence, moderated by TV Line’s Kim Root
-The Pros and Cons of Pro/Con Lists with Yale Professor, Dr. April Ruiz
-Eat Like a Gilmore's Kristi Carlson, Biff Yeager & Carla McCloskey Book Signing
-“Homemade Soap Shop” with Rini Bell
-The Musical From the Front Row: A Conversation with Rose, Eric & Sam
-Starr’s Dance Studio with special guest Liz Torres
-Keiko Agena Art Show
-Remembering Edward Herrmann, A Special Q&A with Star Herrmann moderated by Bustle’s Sam Rullo
-Valerie Campbell's Ice Cream Social (Churning & Tasting) 
-Afternoon Tea with Emily Kuroda
-Cocktail hour and entertainment by Eric Henry
-Theme Song Sing-a-long with Louise Goffin
-Cast Panel with TV Line’s Kim Roots

(Late Night Food & Bar Options)
Kingsley Tavern
Kent Pizza Garden
Fife N Drum Restaurant
Dance Marathon at Club Getaway & Late Night Food & Drinks

SUNDAY 10a.m.-
-Outdoor Yoga (without Paris & Doyle obviously) on the Town Hall lawn
-Difficult Hike (5-6 miles) on the Appalachian Trail
-Fan Led Finale Script Reading
-Giveaways and Goodbyes

More to come, soon. You're being so patient. And, yes, we know waiting is like getting Lorelai to eat something healthy. Miserable.