***Frequently Asked Questions***

What cast/crew members have committed? 

We're working on securing schedules with cast members, but we’ll keep you posted here and on social media. Make sure you’re following our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Can I bring kids? 

Based on the type of events included in the festival, everyone must buy a ticket to attend and we can not accommodate children under 6. As parents of three young kids, we know it's hard to get away, but as a small festival full of fun and TV show topics in sometimes quiet (and sometimes loud!) settings, so we can not accommodate toddlers or children under 6 years old. Tickets are available for purchase for everyone older than 6. Gilmore Girls is a show that transcends generations but if you think any of the topics, at any of the panels, might be overwhelming for someone 6-18, please use your own discretion as a parent for that age group. (Every year we’re asked and the decision has been made based on the best interest of all attendees. Children under 6 are not permitted into any events at the festival, if you are nursing and would like to bring your baby along for the weekend, our best advice is to bring a caregiver to help you with childcare while you are enjoying festival events.)

These are the FAQ's we’ve gotten so far, we'll try to update them often. If you don’t have enough answers, contact hello@gilmoregirlsfanfest.com