Writing for News with the Yale Daily News

A few weeks ago, at the festival, we had the pleasure of hearing from current Editor in Chief of the Yale Daily News, Rachel Treisman. During our time with her, she shared tips with attendees and spoke about a typical news cycle. She also encouraged people to write their own news stories about the festival and submit them to us. Here's one from attendee, Sara Vendetti! If you wrote your own story, please do submit it to us, we'd love to share it! 

"People can live a hundred years, without really living for a minute." This sentiment from Logan Huntzberger was carried out on Saturday October 21st, as hundreds of people gathered to live out their fantasy, and attend a Life and Death Brigade event hosted by Colin and Finn. Alan Loayza and Tanc Sade joined forces once more to answer our most riveting questions regarding the elusive secret society. Although Alan and Tanc admit they are not like their characters on the show, they do have a strong appreciation for Gilmore girls. Sade told fans that he loved that at the time the show aired there was nothing else targeted at smart, well read women. Loayza admitted that if he could be any character on the show, he would want to be Rory. It was also very clear these two men are serious about their careers. Laura Frese of Cheverly Maryland stayed, “my favorite thing about the panel was how they were about the business. They work really hard to stay employed, and take care of themselves.”

When asked if their beautiful, blonde friend, Logan, was a baby daddy, Sade pointed at himself and muttered, "Team Finn." Loayza is Team Logan, but for purely selfish reasons, as they would then be uncles and, "probably be putting the baby in some Life & Death Brigade adventures… A little mini umbrella for the baby.”

After the panel, Loayza and Sade set our young adventurers off on a scavenger hunt throughout Kent. The list featured items specific to the Life and Death Brigade including top hats, umbrellas, and gorilla masks. Nothing was stopping these greats, as brigadiers were even seen dressed in elegant gowns, donning gorilla masks, and spreading their message, "In Omnia Paratus. " Kendra O'Donnell, Philadelphia, PA, a brigadier dressed in a top hat and formalwear stated, "I think the concept of the Life and Death Brigade was very entertaining for fans to watch. There were so many details in the scavenger hunt that made the event nostalgic for attendees. We were able to reminisce over one of our favorite episodes, while perhaps going back to the days we were young, and in college." 

The scavenger hunt concluded at "The Secret Bar," where brigadiers gathered for libations, and celebrated their once in a lifetime experience. 

Only if we want it to be.

-Sara Vendetti