FRIDAY, September 27, 2019

Registration & coffee, coffee, coffee (Community House)
**Heart healthy coffee provided by specialty roaster, Vera Roasting Company (batched from New Hampshire)**

After you’ve finished registration, hop on the Appalachian Trail, visit the local shops, browse the Library or just do a walkabout town. This is your time to get settled, smile at others and make some memories. Kent is a treasure trove of unique shops, eateries, natural beauty & antiques. 

Late Registration (Community House)

Take a Stars Hollow inspired drawing class with nationally acclaimed, local artist, Deborah Chabrian (Community House) 

Bring your Gazebo to life & finish it with watercolor paint. Led by Deborah Chabrian (Community House)
Guided 2.1 Mile Hike along the quintessential Bull’s Bridge Loop (248 Bulls Bridge Road)

We’ll Save Tables & Provide Better Talking Points Than Paris’ 1st Two Speed Dating Partners (Look for GGFF signs to join us)

The Villager - Looking for the closest thing to Luke’s in town? This is the town diner.
109 Cheese Market - Grab the best grilled cheese in town, Lane isn’t plating it, but we heard it’s delicious!
J.P. Gifford - Craving a soup, salad, sandwich or something a little more Sookie-like? Grab a seat!
Frank Food Company - Emily Gilmore would approve of Frank’s for lunch. It’s the newest place in town to check out.
The Fife N’ Drum - Great food, lots of options, excellent atmosphere. It’d be a Townie favorite. 

Rini Bell Meet & Greet and soap sale (109 Cheese Market)
**Cheese samples provided by 109 Cheese & Chestnut Woodworking, music by local artist, Haley Trapella**

Traveling alone? Not for long! This is a special meet up for those who came alone! (Frank Food Company)

Welcome to Gilmore Girls Fan Fest (Community House)

Nick Holmes Meet & Greet (Fife ’N Drum) 

Kent Farmer’s Market (#14 on the map)

Aris Alvarado Meet & Greet (The Villager)

Valerie Campbell Meet & Greet and Book Signing (Library)

Live music from Hummingbird & Friends at the Kent Pizza Garden

Emily Kuroda Meet & Greet, Your 1st Stop on the Connecticut Antique Trail (Koblenz & Co.)

Liz Torres Meet & Greet Cocktail/Mocktail Hour (Community House Lawn)
**join us for a glass of Miss Patty’s Founder’s Day punch or some Plum Juice!**

Friday Night Dinner with Cast (Community House) **This event requires a separate ticket.** 

6:00-7:30pm If you can’t join us at the Community House, be a Townsperson!

Fife N’ Drum - This place would satisfy everyone from Taylor to Kirk
Kingsley Tavern - Upscale pub food Luke shouldn’t scoff at
Shanghai Chinese - The closest thing to Al’s Pancake House
Kent Pizza Garden - Where we think Lorelai would be on a Friday
Namoo Korean BBQ - Lane’s go-to, to-go food with twins (we suspect!)

It’s Liz Torres’ Birthday, Cake & Valerie’s CatEyeScream for Everyone! (Community House)
**Don’t forget to bring Liz a handwritten birthday card & letter to this event!**

Stan Zimmerman’s The Coffee Monologues featuring Aris Alvarado, George Bell, Nick Holmes & Stan Zimmerman (Community House)

Stan Zimmerman and George Bell Meet & Greet (Community House)

Cold s’mores (AKA Mallomars) & Gilmore Girls BINGO Led by George Bell (Community House)

Late Night “Find Me a Boa & Drive Me to Reno” Crowd (Fife ’N Drum)

SATURDAY, September 28, 2019

Book Swap! Bring a book you loved & leave with your next “must read”! (Community House)

Load buses for Litchfield County Tour

10am-5pm (Bus Tour)
Tour of Litchfield County, Meet in the Community House Parking Lot at 9:45am to fill buses.
All buses will make stops at each of the 4 areas below, at different times throughout the day to avoid crowds. ALL BUS ROUTES include the following stops; you’ll stay on the same bus all day!

There will be two stops here, including the Mayflower Inn (where Amy very famously stayed) & Washington Depot. At the Mayflower you’ll be escorted to the garden area for coffee & cookies. The Depot will feature their weekend Farmer’s Market, a selfie stop at Washington Food Market with all your favorite Stars Hollow grocery finds (cornstarch, of course!) A pop up knitting area with Stars Hollow Yarns at Judy Black Park and a specialty coffee drink at Newbury Place. 

New Preston
In New Preston, all the shops will be open for business, 9 Main will have lots of coffee waiting & JSeitz will give 10% off to GGFF attendees.

Hopkins Vineyard
Hopkins is offering us our own little Secret Bar! We’ll get to see the vineyard, taste some wines and sit down for a bit of GG Trivia! Of course, there will be prizes! 

New Milford
The most idyllic gazebo perched in the center of New Milford will be surrounded by the Farmer’s Market, unique shops and their quaint downtown! Make sure to stop by Nutmeg Olive Oil for their tea party, Theo’s Diner for a bite to eat, or River and Rail Cafe for coffee! 

**You’ll be handed a flyer when you get off the bus with more details about each town and what they have in store***


Join us on the Community House Lawn for a cocktail & then meander the town for a meal on your own!
**Bar proceeds over the weekend benefit the Kent Chamber who graciously help make this event possible**


Costume Contest (Community House)
—“Original Theme” Dress as something completely original, make us guess, this is the obscure category!
—“Best Couple” We said couple, but it could be a romantic couple, or a friend set!
—“Funniest Costume” Doesn’t need explaining
—“Best Thing” Not everything we love about GG is human, be a non-human thing.
—“Best impression” And, yes, you’re going to have to act this one out. 

Cast & Crew Panel with Aris, George, Rini, Valerie, Nick, Emily, Liz & Stan (Community House)

9pm-Whenever Liz is Done
Stories & Songs with Liz Torres (Community House/Fife ’N Drum)

SUNDAY, September 29, 2019

GG Trivia (Community House)

Morning coffee. We’re just providing space (& coffee) for you to gather your thoughts!  (Community House) 

Yale in Real Life: Student Journalists in Conversation (Town Hall)

Goodbye Brunch with Cast & Crew (Community House)
This event requires a separate ticket.

Enjoy your last meal in Kent, if you’re not joining us for brunch, be a local!

Book Walk! Like a Cake Walk, but with Books Led by Emily Kuroda (Gazebo)

Bon Voyage! Giveaways & Goodbyes (Community House)