Gilmore Girls Fan Fest is a festival started by fans, for fans.

Somewhere between our life in Austin, Texas and a journey to Maine we fell in love with Litchfield County. To be specific, it was 2016, the weekend of 4th of July. We (Marcus and Jennie) were driving through Connecticut, sitting in traffic near Hartford. I (Jennie) took the lull as the perfect opportunity to google the distance between our piece of pavement and Washington Depot (because, when in Hartford...) and I casually mentioned to Marcus that the next time we're in the area I'd really love to stop in for a visit. I've actually had Litchfield County on my must-do list for years, but this was my moment to mention it to the one guy who works really, really hard to make my dreams come true. A few minutes later I posed the infamous "why" question.

Why hasn't anyone organized a Stars Hollow celebration for fans? Or, some type of Gilmore festival of sorts for that matter. I mean, I haven't even been privy to the details surrounding a tiny little event or a simple mini tour. And, if you ask me, Gilmore Girls almost demands it. Town Hall meetings, large amounts of coffee and lots of good food sounded like a pretty good idea to me. We'd even bring in a little bit of pomp and circumstance because fans are friendly and full of fun. Ok, maybe more than a little. It got to the point that I really couldn't imagine a world where we couldn't visit our own Stars Hollow alive and present. Unfathomable. "Let's do this!", I thought. That's when we decided, it was time to bring the idea to life at least one weekend of the year. 

I told Marcus I was going to call someone and see if they'd consider it. And, yes, it totally started as a "pie in the sky idea". I'm actually quite good at those. To my sheer and utter delight, I found out that the town legitimately utilizes town hall as a meeting space and that they actually have a real life town selectman. When I reached out to the town selectman in Washington last year, he was kind enough to consider our request and the next thing I knew we were sitting in a real town hall meeting presenting our ideas.

Then, I started talking fast. Literally, I was "Talking as Fast as I Can". One morning, early in the process (I kid you not), we were on a conference call and Marcus passed me a note exclaiming "you are talking SO fast, I can't understand you!". So, for the sake of the great town of Washington Depot, I slowed down. We made lists and lists, we created plans. And, boy did we make some phone calls. 

Six weeks later, we had enough information to present the idea to the world. We had great interest from literally everyone we've told, including several cast members. In fact, we got commitment from our first confirmed cast member last year (shoutout, Jackson Douglas!) when the idea was just being formed in August 2016. 

We had a great time in Washington last year and we had all good feedback from the attendees, the media and the local business owners. With fond memories and the demand for more, we decided to do this whole thing again. We had planned to host the event in Washington again, but after many, many discussions the town couldn't accommodate us in October this year, so we looked for the most eager and accommodating town in Litchfield County and responded to Kent. After all, it was voted the best place in New England for fall foliage. And, the idea of this being new for everyone, whether they came last year or not sounds pretty thrilling! So, feel free to pass through Washington on your way in and out of Kent, and remember Stars Hollow is in our hearts and no place could ever replace it.