Stars Hollow means something to all of us. 

We can't quite articulate it & we can't exactly take someone there. It isn't just one place because it doesn't actually exist, but the feeling definitely does. If you ask us, those recognizable Connecticut parallels are hidden all around Litchfield County. Small town Connecticut exudes the charmed nostalgia of Gilmore Girls and it fulfills the yearning we have to experience the most idealistic of days. Our story began there and that’s why we will always adore it.

Gilmore Girls Fan Fest is a gathering of friends (some you've already met but many you’ll soon get to know), many with shared dreams celebrating something that we all love, traveling from far corners of the world to connect with a show (a lifestyle, a religion you might say) that has uniquely impacted their own lives.

If you’ve been in the past, you know we wouldn't miss it for the world. We’ve been in rural Connecticut since 2016, so we’re getting adventurous and traveling to Unionville, Canada in 2019 to visit the town where the original pilot was filmed. But, we’re not leaving Connecticut either. In fact, we’re hosting two, totally different weekends this year and we hope you’ll join us for both. If you can’t do both, there isn’t a less right choice.

“Fall in New England” means something magical. And, having made the journey to Unionville, we can tell you fall in this picturesque town is just as beautiful as you’d imagine. The people in Canada are characteristically friendlier than you’d expect, nature shows off with new colors (even the squirrels have a beautifully intriguing black-colored fur) and coffee tastes better than usual on a chilly day when you’re exploring a new town. So let’s just agree that Connecticut and Canada are synonymous for experiencing fall.

If you want to spend some time touring the very area where Gilmore Girls was conceptualized and referenced, you’ll pack your bags and tour Connecticut with us starting and ending in Kent, Connecticut (September 27-29, 2019).

For anyone who has ever wanted to stand in the very spot Lorelai so confidently strode across the street to the tune of “There She Goes” in the pilot, we are pretty confident you'll love Unionville, Canada (October 4-6, 2019).

Make the trip that makes you the happiest. We’ll do all the rest. Buy your tickets to the event you want to attend, get your passports ready if you’re traveling outside of your home country, book your flights or plan your drive and make sure to reserve your housing, we’ll see you this fall!